Hot and Cold Therapy Wrap + 2 Flexible Gel Ice Packs

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 - FAST PAIN RELIEF AT HOME - Therastar cold and hot therapy wrap is an effective way of treating painful injuries, inflammation or stiffness of arthritic joints. Each gel pack can be used for both cold and hot therapy and is guaranteed to provide a quick and soothing pain relief.

 - FLEXIBLE WHEN FROZEN - Soft reusable ice pack for injuries stay flexible even after being stored in the freezer for days. Gel ice packs remain pliable and cold compress can be comfortably applied to the area where it hurts.

 - ONE SIZE FITS ALL - Extra long, adjustable and stretchable strap with wide velcro guarantees a snug fit for any body type. Therapy wrap is very easy to use in any areas: knee, hip, lower back, shoulder, neck, ankle, waist.

 - SOFT & BREATHABLE WRAP - Innovative neoprene material of the wrap on the outside helps keep the pack cold/hot longer. Thin and breathable material on the inside helps reach comfortable application temperature for more effective therapy.

 - BONUS PACK - 2 ice/hot gel packs are included in the kit to make sure you always have another pack that is ready to use.