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Premium Hot and Cold Therapy

THERASTAR reusable ice packs provide fast and effective chronic pain relief and recovery for inflammation, injuries, sore muscles, joint stiffness and swelling. The extra-long, adjustable and flexible velcro strap guarantees a snug fit for any body part, icluding knees, back, shoulders, elbows, neck, ankles and hips.

Post-surgery recovery

Cold therapy wrap helps minimize post-surgery pain and swelling - it is an essential part of physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Post-workout recovery

Use cold therapy for sport injuries and heat therapy to promote muscle recovery and reduce joint stiffness after exercise.

Fast pain relief

Use heat therapy for osteoarthritis, to reduce chronic neck and back pain. Use cold for sprains, injuries or headaches. 

Comfortable universal fit

The long elastic strap and large fasteners mean you can comfortably and firmly apply your ice gel packs on any and all body parts. The ADVANCED gel formula keeps the hot pack warm, and the cold pack cool longer. Two leak-proof, compact gel ice packs included!

Soft and gentle on skin

The wrap on these reusable ice packs is made of SUPERIOR quality neoprene with an inner mesh for better heat transfer. Soft and pleasant to the touch, our hot and cold packs won’t irritate your skin. Safe cold packs for injuries for adults and kids, at home, or while traveling.

Improved Gel Pack Formula

Put it in the freezer and use it when you need it. Gel pack remains flexible after being frozen for days. 

Versatile first aid at home

Ideal for a wide variety of conditions from swelling & injuries to arthritis & joint stiffness.

Multiuse adjustable wrap

Soft, washable neoprene wrap with a strap adjusts comfortably to any body area you use it on.

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